Ever since the dawn of civilization, humans have advanced mostly on the basis of their ability of conceiving and building more and more advanced tools for their increasing needs. Robots can be considered as the culmination of this progress in tool making. A robot by (Asimov’s) definition is the ultimate tool.

The general perception about Robotics is the industrial robot arm welding car frames in an assembly line. Robots are now widely used by the military. Medical robots are also assisting humans during surgery. Recently, robots have moved into the home to help with chores such as cleaning the home. At Percogman, we emphasize the educational aspect of Robotics.

At Percogman, we believe that by leaning to build robots, one can learn a lot about all aspects of science and engineering. To build a robot, one must understand and put into practice concepts from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science besides knowing fundamentals of science and mathematics.

Percogman will train you in understanding the three building blocks of robotics, sensing, thinking and acting. We will then help you put the three blocks into a working robot.

Hands-On Robotics

Start by learning basic robot building instructions, programming and movement then move on to working with sensors and more complex robot behaviors

Courses Offered